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We at Jay E. Reiner, CPA, specialize in tax and accounting services for small businesses, individuals, non-profits, estates, and trusts. Our goal is to be your trusted Arlington, VA CPA and help you take that extra step toward personal and professional financial success.

CFO Services

We provide part-time expertise in finance/accounting, strategic planning, and other management projects. Your company enjoys the benefits of a CFO, while limiting the cost and commitment of hiring additional senior staff.

Does this sound familiar?

Your bank is displeased with your financial reports. As a result, your bankers have become unsure of your creditworthiness and are unwilling to extend credit.

You don't know exactly how your business is making money, so you have no basis on which to make important management decisions.

Sales are up, but cash flow is weak. Customers don't pay promptly, which leaves you struggling to pay your bills on time.

You don't know how to project future growth and profitability in a credible way.

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Jay E. Reiner, CPA, wants to be a long term partner in your financial success. Let us work beside you to find your edge to success and help you plan for a profitable future.

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