We at Jay E. Reiner, CPA, specialize in many services to offer you on a personal and business level. Our goal is to offer you the best services possible and take that extra step toward your success and the success of your business.

“Just a thank you for your help with our taxes again this year. You are a fantastic resource to us and provide peace of mind.”

Ryan L

"Thank you so much, Jay! I do so appreciate your expertise and help. I learn something new every time, which is invaluable. I'm so glad Paula recommended you--you're tops!"

Kaaren C

"Thanks for such a good experience with our taxes. We were really pleased with how clear, accurate and efficient you were. We look forward to working with you in the future!"

Nancy S

"Thanks so much again Jay for your help & you are awesome as always! Best of luck with the rest of the tax season/madness!"

Bailey F

"Thanks again, Jay. You rock!!"

Leigh H

"Couldn't be more satisfied with your service and excellent communication skills. Talk to you next year!"

Neil K

"Way to go Jay!!! You're killing those taxes!! Nice deductions!!!"

Binh N

"I can't even imagine the avalanche of taxes you deal with! You're amazing, Go Jay Go!!"

Pamela C

"Thanks for all your help, we love working with you, as we have said in the past, you make a stressful job fun, it's a gift!"

Sharon M

"Thanks so much, Jay. You've been a consummate professional and a great help, and I'd be happy to work with you again next year!"

Cynthia S

"I really enjoy your cheery, upbeat, and determined attitude, juggling numbers like a (I should not say) magician. Your roots in reality are solid and appreciated."

Ron B

"It's nice to go into a tax season not feeling like I'm going to throw up. You instill calm confidence and I appreciate that!!!!"

Jackie L

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